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Lisa (Female)

Needs shots

Lisa the CatI'm Lisa, the sister of Mona. I'm 8 months old, and I look to be part Ragdoll. I hide all the time, because I'm not adjusting to the shelter environment very well. Have a heart and adopt me, pretty please?

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ID# C5068 ID# D5068

Katiana (Female)

Needs shots

Katiana the CatI'm Katiana, and I came in with Mona and Lisa. Our owner rescued too many cats, so some of us had to come to Pet Savers. I'm 8 months old and spayed. Even though they treat me well here, I'm so unhappy in a shelter setting. My only wish is to find a forever home. Please come take me home with you soon!

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ID# C5067 ID# D5067

Pepper (Male)

Needs shots

Pepper the CatMeow, I'm Pepper, a pretty long-haired kitty. My owner surrendered me after 10 years, and it's pretty hard to get used to a new place after having a home all my life. The good news is cats can live well into their teens, some even living for 18 or 19 years! That means I can start over with you, so why don't you come adopt me?!

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ID# C5056 ID# D5056

Mona (Female)

Needs shots

Mona the CatI'm Mona, and if you haven't already guessed, I was named after the portrait, Mona Lisa. Can you guess what my sister's name is? (Answer: It's Lisa.) I'm a very gentle and patient kitty, and I just don't feel like I belong here in the shelter. My owner had rescued too many cats and had to bring some of us here. I'm waiting for my new home, hopefully it will come soon!

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ID# C5054 ID# D5054

Owl (Female)

Needs shots

Owl the CatHi from the Pet Savers cat room! I was a stray, but no more, because now I'm a proud Pet Savers resident! I'm very gentle, and my name is Owl because of my pretty round owl-eyes. Stop by the shelter and say hello! We're open every day from 12 - 4 pm, including weekends!

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ID# C5052 ID# D5052

Knucklehead (Male)

Needs shots

Knucklehead the CatI'm Knucklehead, the sweetest cat at Pet Savers! I used to be a neighborhood cat, but then a man brought me to the shelter. I'm neutered and up to date on all my shots. I'm so sweet that I would make a great greeter at a nursing home, or a therapy cat, even! I'm serious... come meet me, and I'll show you just how sweet I am!

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ID# C5039 ID# D5039

Salem (Male)

Needs shots

Salem the CatMy story is a sad one. You see, I was among a group of neighborhood cats who were tortured by some bad people. Someone even set my tail on fire, but as you can see I made it out okay. A woman saved as many of us as she could, and I was among the lucky ones. I have beautiful green eyes, and I'm just as gentle as can be! You can't go wrong with a kitty like me, because I love everyone. Come meet me!

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ID# C5038 ID# D5038

Virginia Slim (Female)

Needs shots

Virginia Slim the CatMeow!! They caught me mid-meow in this picture, didn't they? I'm a very sweet cat who has been at Pet Savers for some time now. I get along well with other kitty friends, and I just know that I'd make a nice addition to your family. Will you let me show you?

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ID# C5037 ID# D5037

Coco (Female)

Needs shots

Coco the CatI'm Coco, and I came to Pet Savers with two of my dog friends. Our owner lost her home, and so we had to find another place to stay. I'm 10 years old, and I'm not super happy in a shelter setting. I would like to get adopted as soon as possible, please. Please look into my pretty blue eyes and tell me you're going to come get me soon!

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ID# C5035 ID# D5035

Twisted (Female)

Needs shots

Twisted the CatThey called me Twisted because of my personality. You see, I used to stare into space or at the wall until someone figured out I was allergic to flea bites. Now, I get a monthly prevention and I act just like a brand new cat! I'm very sweet and would love to find a new home!

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ID# C5034 ID# D5034

Generic Pet Savers Cat (Unknown)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Generic Pet Savers Cat    the CatThere are about 30 of us at the shelter. Watch for more photos and profiles.

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ID# C561 ID# D561

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