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Swat (Male)

Needs shots

Swat the CatI'm Swat, a super nice kitty looking for a new home. I like to give visitors a little swat as they're leaving, hence my name. I think it's pretty funny! I'm about 3 years old and waiting for my forever home (so... you!).

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ID# C5120 ID# D5120

Piper (Female)

Needs shots

Piper the CatHi, look how my eyes match the rug! I'm Piper, and I'm 1 year old. My owner had too many cats, so that's why I'm here. I'm super sweet and will follow you around! I am no trouble and just looking for a home where I can be a family member. I am spayed and ready to go!

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ID# C5098 ID# D5098

Pepper (Male)

Needs shots

Pepper the CatMeow, I'm Pepper, a pretty long-haired kitty. My owner surrendered me after 10 years, and it's pretty hard to get used to a new place after having a home all my life. The good news is cats can live well into their teens, some even living for 18 or 19 years! That means I can start over with you, so why don't you come adopt me?!

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ID# C5056 ID# D5056

Owl (Female)

Needs shots

Owl the CatHi from the Pet Savers cat room! I was a stray, but no more, because now I'm a proud Pet Savers resident! I'm very gentle, and my name is Owl because of my pretty round owl-eyes. Stop by the shelter and say hello! We're open every day from 12 - 4 pm, including weekends!

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ID# C5052 ID# D5052

Virginia Slim (Female)

Needs shots

Virginia Slim the CatMeow!! They caught me mid-meow in this picture, didn't they? I'm a very sweet cat who has been at Pet Savers for some time now. I get along well with other kitty friends, and I just know that I'd make a nice addition to your family. Will you let me show you?

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ID# C5037 ID# D5037

Twisted (Female)

Needs shots

Twisted the CatThey called me Twisted because of my personality. You see, I used to stare into space or at the wall until someone figured out I was allergic to flea bites. Now, I get a monthly prevention and I act just like a brand new cat! I'm very sweet and would love to find a new home!

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ID# C5034 ID# D5034

Generic Pet Savers Cat (Unknown)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Generic Pet Savers Cat    the CatThere are about 30 of us at the shelter. Watch for more photos and profiles.

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ID# C561 ID# D561

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