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Families, children, and dogs

Small children (5 years and under) and small dogs don't always mix and is one of the top reasons dogs are surrendered to kill and no-kill shelters in the United States. As a result, Pet Savers does not typically adopt dogs to families with very young children unless the circumstances are fitting.

Special Needs Special Needs
Needs to be spayed or neutered Needs to be spayed or neutered
Needs a yard Needs a yard
Pair-bonded Pair-bonded
Special Rate Special Rate
May not be up-to-date on vacinations May not be up-to-date on vaccinations
Up-to-date on vacinations Up-to-date on vaccinations
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We have multiple pages of dogs needing homes. Unless stated otherwise, dogs are boarded at the Pet Savers Shelter (318-636-0400).

Adopting a Shelter Dog - Free eBook
This free eBook guides you through the first seven days with your new dog. Seven simple lessons help you ease the transition from shelter life to home life for you and your pup. You can download your copy here.

Driving in from a long distance or live out of state?

We do make adoptions to areas outside of Shreveport/Bossier and out-of-state; however, we do not ship or transport at this time. Whether you're local, out-of-state, or driving in from a long-distance and wish to apply to adopt one of our animals, please email (unless otherwise indicated) for an adoption application. Please indicate which animal or animals you are interested in. Please be advised that the pet you are interested in may or may not be available at the time you make application. Applications are subject to approval and veterinary references will be checked. The animals we rescue are like our own pets and we have huge emotional and financial investments in each and every one of them. We are their voice and as such, look for forever homes where they will be loved and cared for as they are at Pet Savers. If you're not approved through Pet Savers, please consider visiting your local kill-shelter where you will save a life or go to our Pet Savers of Shreveport Facebook page where we feature courtesy postings for dogs not in our shelter who need new homes. Thank you.

Princess (Female)

Needs to be spayed or neutered Needs shots

Princess the DogI am a 3 year old Chihuahua mix. My owner was not able to take care of me so I was brought to Pet Savers. I am super friendly and as you can tell from the photo I am very adorable. I am energetic and playful and can't wait to find a new home.

Updated 2017-01-22 10:54:14
ID# D5208

Bea (Female)

Needs shots

Bea the DogHi everyone I came to Pet Savers with my sister Shama. We are 3 year old Schnauzer mixes. Quick facts we are spayed, house trained and get along with dogs and cats. Our owner passed away so we are THANKFUL Pet Savers had room for us. We would love to be adopted together because we've spent our whole lives together. We are super nice girls.

Updated 2017-01-18 20:16:02
ID# D5204

Shama (Female)

Needs shots

Shama the DogBea is my sister and we just arrived here. We are Schnauzer mixes and super friendly. We are house trained and get along with dogs and cats. We are 3 years old and spayed. We are bonded and would love to go to a home together. Please come and meet us, we can tell you our whole story.

Updated 2017-01-18 20:09:06
ID# D5203

Whiskers (Male)

Needs to be spayed or neutered Needs shots

Whiskers the DogI am about 1 1/2 years old and was running loose and starving when a good Samaritan rescued me and brought me to Pet Savers. I am recovering nicely as you can see. I am super friendly and love the staff. I will get neutered and receive my shots once I put some weight on. Right now I weigh approximately 30 lbs. My ideal weight should be 40 lbs . I will be eating GOOD stuff in order to get my weight where it should be. Please don't think I'm just another black dog. I am SUCH an amazing guy, you NEED to meet me. I am kid friendly too.

Updated 2017-01-10 20:01:33
ID# D5198

Cheerio (Male)

Needs shots

Cheerio the DogHi, I am the new kid at the shelter. I am feisty but friendly. I am a 4 month old Red Heeler mix who wants to find a new home. The nice people at Pet Savers think I will grow up to be a medium size dog.

Updated 2017-01-18 20:03:05
ID# D5197

Toby 2 (Male)

Needs shots

Toby 2 the DogHello and Happy New Year everyone. I am here because my owner worked too much and couldn't give me the attention I needed. I am super fun and playful once I come out of my shell. I am about 1 years old. I am house trained and get along with everyone here at the Pet Savers. You know you want to take me home. My fee is only $125.

Updated 2017-01-18 19:58:00
ID# D5192

Scooter (Male)

Needs shots

Scooter  the DogHey there, I'm Scooter, a way-too-cute 6 year old male Chihuahua. I am so very scared right now, so I just hide underneath the table & won't come out for anyone. One day I will come around though. I'm neutered and will get my shots when I'm not so scared anymore. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for another LSU game. Can I be your football buddy?! My adoption fee is $100.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D5167

Sammy (Male)

Needs shots

Sammy the DogI'm Sammy, and here's my story: I was hanging around a business for about a week when a worker decided to take me home. While I was there, they took me to their vet and fully vaccinated me. During my 2 week stay at their house, they also found out that I was house-trained, and I get along with other dogs, kids, and cats. I'm one year old and neutered. There's only one thing, though: I am heartworm positive. But, but, but! Please don't let that stop you from adopting me. There are ways to manage heartworms and the nice Pet Savers people can tell you all about it. Want to know more about me then? I'm a small mixed breed and weigh only about 25 lbs, which you may not be able to tell from my photo. At my rescuer's home, I was alone all day for like 8 hours, and that's too much alone time for a guy like me. So here I am, patiently waiting for my forever home. You won't make me wait too late, will you?

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D5165

Rhondo - Foster Home (Male)

Special Needs Needs to be spayed or neutered Needs shots

Rhondo  - Foster Home the DogI'm Rhondo, an 8 year old male Chihuahua mix. My owner had to go to the hospital, so his Mom brought me to Pet Savers. I'm in a foster home because I'm tiny and was scared being in such a big place like Pet Savers. I am house-trained and I got along with the other small dogs in the office. The Pet Savers folks took me to the vet to get all fixed up & it turns out that I have something called congestive heart failure. I also have a heart murmur and heartworms, so the vet prescribed pills that I take daily. But don't let this scare you away! I'm such a sweet guy. I am looking for a quiet home where I can be a lap dog and be loved for my remaining days. I also love going for rides in the car, basically I just want to hang out with you all the time. Also on sunny days I love sitting out in the yard soaking up the sun. I'm currently in a foster home. Please call 318-573-5007 if interested in meeting me.

Updated 2017-01-01 17:24:59
ID# D5159

Herby K (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Herby K  the DogI'm Herby K, a teeny tiny male Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix. I FINALLY let them snap a picture of me so everyone could see how cute I am! I came in with my brother, Alfredo, after our owners moved away & left us behind. We lived alone in the woods for a while & people fed us until a nice man was able to catch us. I am neutered, current on my vaccines & estimated to be between 1-2 yrs old but I am heartworm positive. I am also very fearful of new humans because I was abandoned before & I don't want to be sad ever again. I am looking for a patient forever family who can earn my trust & help me kill my heartworms by giving me my medicine. My adoption fee is $100 (heartworm treatment already paid).

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D5150

Lexie (Female)

Needs shots

Lexie the DogHello everyone, I'm Lexie. I came to Pet Savers with my friend Sam. My owner said my coat used to be black, but now that I'm getting older, my silver is really starting to come out! I can be a little shy at first but once I get to know you, I will follow you around & ask you for treats all day! I'm spayed, house-trained & I get along with all living things... cats, kids, dogs, you name it! My adoption fee is $100.

Updated 2017-01-15 15:26:45
ID# D5148

Sam (Male)

Needs shots

Sam  the DogI'm Sam, and I came with my friend Lexie to Pet Savers. Our owner had to relocate and couldn't take us with her. I'm 12 years old & lived with her for my entire life, so I'm pretty sad to not be with her anymore. But I love all the people that come to visit me & I LOVE to be held & petted! I'm neutered, house-trained & I get along with other dogs, kids, and cats. My adoption fee is $100.

Updated 2017-01-18 20:04:54
ID# D5146

Kingston (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Kingston  the DogHi, my name is Kingston. A nice lady rescued me from the pound but then realized she couldn't keep me anymore, so now I'm at Pet Savers. I'm a pretty laid-back guy, and I fit right in here with the small dogs. I love getting head scratches and people but I don't like the other dogs to get around my food. I am a 10 year old male Corgi mix. I'm neutered and current on my vaccines but I am light heartworm positive, so I take Blue Heart Guard.

Updated 2017-01-03 08:43:03
ID# D5140

Alfredo (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Alfredo the DogI'm Alfredo, and my brother, Herby K, and I were left behind when our family moved. We lived in the woods by ourselves, eating only what a neighbor would put out for us. Finally he caught us & brought us to Pet Savers, but we are still very scared of people. We don't like to be caught or touched just yet, so it's going to take someone very patient to love me & show me that not all humans are unkind. I am a 1 yr old male terrier mix, neutered & current on my vaccines but sadly, I have heartworms & will need to start treatment. I would love to have a wonderful forever family who can cuddle me & help me trust again so that I can take the medicine that makes me better. My adoption fee is $100 (heartworm treatment is paid).

Updated 2017-01-07 10:09:24
ID# D5139

Dot (Female)

Needs shots

Dot  the DogI'm Dot, and I was with my owner for 10 years until he started getting sick. Coming to Pet Savers has been a good thing for me, because I've also become needy in some of my own health areas, but my owner was too busy with taking care of his own health. I'm all good now and actually love it here! I'm spayed, house-trained, and up to date on my shots. I'm very patient and will wait for you to come by and see if I might be a good fit for your family. I'm a mini Aussie mix (I weigh under 30 lbs) and a gentle soul. Come meet me!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D5126

Tucker (Male)

Needs shots

Tucker the DogI'm Tucker, and I'm a 5 month old Lab / Shepherd mix. My owner didn't have time for me, so I need a new home. I'm being house-trained right now and am coming along. I've had my first shots and am scheduled to be neutered. I love people and other dogs. Come meet me!

Updated 2017-01-16 19:38:50
ID# D5097

Polie aka Ollie (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Polie aka Ollie the DogI'm an 11 year old Schnauzer/Dachshund mix (20lbs) I lived with my mom my whole life, but then she passed away & I was really sad. The only thing I have left from my old home is my toy ball that I brought with me. I always have it right by my side and since I like to guard it closely, I probably need a home with no other dogs unless you are very experienced. I'm super friendly with people, house-trained, travel well & walk great on a leash! All I'm asking if to please let me go home with you and please let me bring my ball! My adoption fee is $100.


Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D5080

Tiger 2 (Female)

Needs shots

Tiger 2 the DogI'm Tiger, and I'm a 2 year old Boxer mix. I'm up to date on my shots, neutered, and heartworm negative. I'm also good with other dogs and kids! I arrived very recently at Pet Savers, so stay tuned for more information on me! Or better yet, come meet me yourself!

Updated 2017-01-22 11:37:25
ID# D5061

Sugar Boy (Male)

Needs shots

Sugar Boy the DogI'm Sugar Boy, and my elderly owner couldn't handle me, so her son brought me to Pet Savers. I was an outside dog, and they said I'm a digger and I like to climb fences, but I was just lonely and needed some friends in my life. I am only a year old and weigh probably 70 or 80 lbs. I'm very strong, but I'm a friendly guy. Everyone here is nice to me, and I think I'll be okay here. But please don't forget about me, because I really would love a new home where I can be a real family member!

Updated 2017-01-16 19:38:20
ID# D5057

Lonestar - Foster Home - $100 Adoption Fee (Female)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

Lonestar - Foster Home - $100 Adoption Fee the DogI'm Lonestar, and I was found tied to a sign on I-20 West outside of Shreveport. A young lady found me standing along in the hot sun, so she stopped and someone helped her carry me to her car. She headed straight to Pet Savers, where thankfully I was able to stay. I'm slowly getting used to my new place, but I still have a long way to go. I am very stressed in out in the shelter and am currently recovering from demodex mange (the non-contagious kind) along with a bacterial infection. I am a young girl, spayed, current on vaccines & heartworm negative. My adoption fee is $100.

Updated 2016-12-27 20:00:28
ID# D5049

Inky (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Inky the Dog"I'm Inky, and I came in with my friends Cinna and Ella. I'm a gorgeous one year old female Shar Pei mix. You should've seen me prior to this when I had a bad case of mange but now I'm lookin' pretty good! I love playing with all my office dog friends, and couldn't think of anything I'd rather do, except maybe go home with you! All I ask is that you not have little kids in your house because they aren't my favorite. I am spayed & current on my vaccines & heartworm prevention. My adoption fee is $100."

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D5027

Buddy & Jax (Male)

Needs shots

Buddy & Jax the DogWe are Buddy (standing) and Jax (laying down). We've both been at Pet Savers for over 2 years now. We came in separately, but have since become best friends. My buddy, Jax, was adopted, but returned because he was so depressed. But we're both happy now that we're together again! We both live in a larger area of the shelter and aren't kenneled. We'd prefer a home together. We're up to date on our shots, neutered, and on heartworm medication. Are you ready to open your home to two sweet guys like us?!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D5017

Billy Bob (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Billy Bob the DogI am a 1.5 year old male hound mix. I was found by someone and they couldn't keep me, so now I'm at Pet Savers. I get along great with other dogs & I may even be house trained. I adore people & as soon as everyone meets me, they always love me. I just wish one of them would take me home! I am neutered, current on my vaccines & heartworm prevention. My adoption fee is $100.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4999

Daisy Mae (Female)

Needs shots

Daisy Mae the DogI'm Daisy Mae, and I came from Desoto Animal Control where I was among 7 dogs that were scheduled to be euthanized. But thanks to Pet Savers, I've got a second chance at life! I'm a Hound mix, 8 months old and spayed. Come meet me!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4992

Suzie (Female)

Needs shots

Suzie the DogMy name is Suzie, and I'm a 3 year old medium-sized Lab mix. I'm spayed and house-trained! At first, I was so, so sad because my owner dropped me off at Pet Savers. I waited and waited for him to come back, but he is not coming back and I have adjusted to playing with my new friends in the front dog area. But I'm looking for a new home -- this time one I can stay in forever. Two of my legs were broken and the vet I was taken to does not do orthopedic surgery, but they healed and I can run and play okay.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4986

Tarzan (Male)

Needs shots

Tarzan the DogI'm Tarzan, a Catahoula Curr mix with a stunning Leopard coat. I was found in the country along the side of the road. When my rescuer stopped her car, I wasted no time and jumped right in! I'm 2 years old and appear to be house-trained. I like children and I'm curious about other dogs and cats. I'm neutered, up to date on my shots and would love to join your family as your new best friend!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4982

Gretel (Female)

Needs shots

Gretel the DogI'm Gretel, and I came in with my brother Hansel to Pet Savers about a year ago. We were tiny puppies and had a great summer together, then both went home to separate families. Sadly, Hansel was brought to the pound, but luckily the Pet Savers staff was able to bring him back. But now I'm back 'cuz I couldn't stay in my family's yard. Growing up, Hansel and I were best buddies, and it took us only a few minutes to remember each other, and now we're back to playing and being best buds again. I'm a big girl who needs a secured yard. Come on down and meet me, why don'tcha?

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4975

Jules (Female)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

Jules the DogI'm Jules (on the left side) with my sister, Hailey, who got adopted in in March. I'm a 2 year old female Labrador Retriever mix. I am spayed, current on my vaccines & heartworm negative. I am av very friendly girl who gets along with others really well, so I really hope I'll find a home soon like my sister did!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4973

Pebbles (Female)

Needs shots

Pebbles the DogI'm Pebbles, a beautiful German Short-haired Pointer. I was adopted from Pet Savers 6 years ago. All was well until we moved last June. I attacked my little friend, a Chihuahua mix, out of the blue, even after having lived with him all these years. So now I'm back at Pet Savers. I'm 8 years old now, up to date on my shots, spayed, and house-trained. I'm really hoping someone will give me a second chance. Could that person be you?

Updated 2017-01-16 19:36:06
ID# D4965

Chili Dog (Female)

Needs shots

Chili Dog the DogWanna hear my story? Alright, so, get this: I was hit by a car and my paw got run over. In order to get me in the car, my rescuer brought me a chili dog to gain my trust. Well, it worked! I was taken to a vet and I am all better now. I'm a one and a half year old female pointer/heeler mix. I am spayed, current on my vaccines & just waiting on my forever family to come adopt me!

Adopted 9/16; returned 10/16

Updated 2017-01-19 19:14:02
ID# D4960

Kurt (Male)

Needs shots

Kurt the DogMy name is Kurt and I weigh about 30 lbs. I will need to go to a home with a good sized yard so I can run some of my energy off. I'm very playful and will need someone who likes to play! Even better if I have another dog pal to play with. I'm neutered and up to date on my shots. Come meet me!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4955

Mr. Grinch (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Mr. Grinch the DogThey call me Mr. Grinch but I'm really a sweet boy! I wandered up to someone's business and really liked it there, but they couldn't keep me, so I made my way to Pet Savers. I was very unhappy when I first got here, but I've since lightened up quite a bit. I'm a 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, so I'm quite a strong dude & will need someone with breed experience to handle me firmly but compassionately! If you'd like to give me a stable, loving home, please send in your adoption application today!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4940

Sammie (Female)

Needs shots

Sammie the DogI am a young Shepherd mix that has been returned to Pet Savers recently because my people said I jumped their privacy fence on a regular basis. But since I've been back at the shelter, I haven't even attempted an escape! I am spayed and get along with other dogs and kids. Can you pretty, pretty please with sugar on top take me home with you?

Updated 2017-01-22 19:24:23
ID# D4922

Sam (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Sam  the DogHi, I'm Sam! I am a 4 year old male Chihuahua who weighs about 10lbs but I think I'm a Great Dane! I boss the other dogs around but when you get me one on one, I am a real sweetheart! I was adopted but then my owner got sick, so I had to come back to Pet Savers. That's ok because I love my friends here but I would really like a home of my very own. I like other small dogs & I could be ok with older kids who know not to crowd my personal space. I am neutered, current on my vaccines & heartworm negative. My adoption fee is $100.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4921

Charlie (Male)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

Charlie the DogI'm Charlie, a 2 year old male Labrador Retriever mix. I was saved by a nice man & dropped off at Pet Savers' vet, where I was neutered and updated on all my shots. I am very friendly and energetic, so I will need a family that is willing to exercise me & train me. I would absolutely love a home with a big yard where I could run and play to my heart's content!

Updated 2017-01-22 11:51:26
ID# D4900

Java (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Java the DogHi, I'm Java. I used to drink my owner's coffee when he wasn't looking, so that's how I got my name. I am a very laid-back kind of guy who gets along with all the other dogs. I am very smart, which is good because I'm kennel trained & house-trained but tricky because I am also an escape artist. But if I had a family who loved me & kept me inside, I wouldn't really want to climb out anyway. I love head scratches, belly rubs & long walks on the beach but I do not like thunderstorms. I am neutered, current on my shots & heartworm prevention. My adoption fee is $100.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4889

Hansel (Male)

Needs shots

Hansel the DogI was adopted from Pet Savers a few months ago, but then my owner decided she didn't want me anymore and took me to a local kill shelter. This could have gone horribly wrong, but thankfully I was saved and returned to Pet Savers. I have grown a lot, but I'm still the same old Hansel I used to be looking for a new home again where I will be loved forever!

Updated 2015-10-13 07:46:19
ID# D4887

Phineas (Male)

Needs shots

Phineas the DogHello everyone! I came here with my friends Aries and Shylog. We just LOVE playing in Pet Savers' yard, but hey... I'd love a yard to call all my own! I am a year old and neutered. Come on out and meet me!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4869

Shylock (Female)

Needs shots

Shylock the DogBlack dogs can be beautiful, just look at me! I was rescued by a nice man with a big heart. He had other dogs already, so he couldn't keep me. I came in with my friends, Phineas and Aries. We've been together all of our lives, so we're just getting used to our new life at Pet Savers. I am spayed, and up to date on my shots. I've got everything I need... except for a home to call my own!

Updated 2017-01-22 19:27:55
ID# D4866

Chance (Male)

Needs shots

Chance the DogMy name is Chance, and I was named after the dog from the movie "Homeward Bound." My friend Shadow and I wandered up to someone's property after being on our own for some time. The kind people fed us and then brought us here to Pet Savers. I'm 4 years old, neutered and up to date on my shots. Come take me home with you!

Updated 2015-08-31 10:03:39
ID# D4855

Pongo (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Pongo the DogI am especially grateful for being here. My home situation was not acceptable for me and Pet Savers feels like heaven! I am a 3 year old mix breed, spayed and house-trained. I would need a home where I am the only dog. I love to go for walks but also like to just be there if you need someone to talk to.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4826

Bo (Male)

Needs shots

Bo the DogI sure have come a long way since that morning when I was found tied to Pet Savers fence. They thought I was a lab mix at first but turns out I am a Pit Bull. I am about 2 years old and neutered. I am very large and very strong, but I'm really just a good ol' boy looking for a place of my own with a nice family.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4799

Harley (Male)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

Harley the DogMy name is Harley, and I'm a little under a year old. I am a black lab mix, I am up to date on all my shots and neutered. I get along with other dogs, but I'm very shy at first, so I'll need some time to warm up to you. Since I am an adolescent boy, I can get pretty vocal. If you think you've got what it takes to care for a beautiful Lab like me, then come down to the shelter and meet me!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4683

Pilot (Male)

Needs shots

Pilot the DogHey, how ya doin'?! My name's Pilot and I'm a new guy here at Pet Savers. My old owner left me in the yard of a rental property when they moved. Being left behind made me pretty sad, but at least I'm safe here at Pet Savers. I'm really sweet and get along with most other dogs; however, I am possessive when it comes to food - my food is MY food! So I should be fed alone. I also love kids! Come say hi!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4595

Buddy 2 (Male)

Needs shots

Buddy 2 the DogI'm Buddy 2, not to be confused with the other Buddy here at Pet Savers. I came in with three other dogs when my family lost their home. Unfortunately, none of us were neutered and I was isolated in one room for a long time all by myself. So now I'm very shy and I take a while to trust strangers. However, once I warm up to you, I will love you with all I have! I'm 2 years old, up to date on my shots, neutered, house-trained, and crate-trained.

Updated 2015-03-08 14:17:27
ID# D4582

Tanker (Male)

Needs shots

Tanker the DogMy name is Tanker. I'm a 5 year old Heeler whose owner brought me to Pet Savers because they couldn't take care of me anymore. I take a little bit of patience to win my affection, but once you've got it, I'm totally loyal to you. I'm up to date on my shots and neutered.

Updated 2015-04-16 00:08:44
ID# D4570

Chloe (Female)

Needs yard Needs shots

Chloe the DogI'm Chloe and I've been at Pet Savers for quite a while. When I was brought in, I was shy and would growl and bark. However, staff has been working with me and I'm much sweeter now. I'm a big fan of belly rubs once you get me out of the kennel. I may be shy at first, but I just need someone who is patient and willing to work to gain my trust. I do NOT like being kenneled, though. The Pet Savers people think that maybe I had a bad experience with kennels in the past, which is why I am so unhappy whenever I am put in one. Is there someone out there willing to take the time to give a home to a girl like me?

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4562

Ruler (Male)

Needs shots

Ruler the DogLook at me! I came in as a cute 4 month old pup and now I'm a (still cute) 6 month old pup. I was dropped off at Southern Hills Animal Hospital after being found as a stray. They kept me there until Pet Savers had room for me. I'm a sweet guy, but I do like to play rough! I'm neutered and up to date on my shots. Come meet me!

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4559

Arthur (Male)

Needs shots

Arthur the DogI'm Arthur, a 3 year old Walker Hound. I had a little accident - a car accident, that is. It shattered my hips (can you say OUCH?!), but I'm doing really well recovering! I can run like the wind. I'm now on the hunt for my new family. I love everyone! Now I want to love YOU!

Updated 2015-04-13 14:22:18
ID# D4533

Brady (Male)

Needs shots

Brady the DogI'm one of those dogs, y'know. What do I mean by "those" dogs? I'm that dog who was found as a stray and so no one really knows about my past. But you know what they say about "those" dogs? They say that they make some of the sweetest pets. Why's that? Because we know what it's like to go from having nothing on the streets to having a place to call home. It's a pretty sweet thing. I'm very sweet and I even like other dogs too. Come take me home, won'tcha?

Updated 2017-01-22 11:54:47
ID# D4529

Millie (Female)

Needs shots

Millie the DogI'm Millie, and I'm around 2 years old. I don't like cats very much, but I do get along with other young dogs. I like to play rough, so I need playmates who can keep up with me. You can meet me at the Pet Savers shelter.

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ID# D4437

Homer (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Homer the DogMy name is Homer and I'm a Blue Heeler mix. I was adopted in 2014 and lived with a family for a year, but they decided they didn't want me anymore, so now I'm back at Pet Savers. When I was first here, I lived with a foster family for a bit, and according to them I'm housebroken, crate-trained, and leash trained! I'm an energetic guy who needs lots of play time and room to run. I'm neutered, up to date on my shots and heartworm negative. I'd love to find a forever home! Is it with you maybe?

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ID# D4424

Joe (Male)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

Joe the DogMy name is Joe. I'm a large Basset Hound mix. I've been at Pet Savers for quite a while now. I was adopted a couple of years ago, but I had to be returned because my new mommy had to move. I'm almost 9 years old now, and this shelter life is starting to stress me out. I'd really love a new home, or even a foster home for that matter. I just need a home with no children because they aren't my favorite.

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ID# D4410

Bronco (Male)

Needs shots

Bronco the DogI'm Bronco, a 3 year old mixed breed. I'm playful and full of energy. Here I am in my photo posing with my favorite toy. I'm neutered and up to date on my shots.I am a little intimidating at first, because I am weary of strangers. I wish someone with a lot of patience could sit with me and maybe I would learn how to trust. I like the workers here, so maybe if you would give me a chance I could like you too!

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ID# D4269

Betty (Female)

Needs shots

Betty the DogI'm Betty and I'm from a litter of five Lab/Shepherd mixes. My sis is Barbie. I was very shy and scared when I first came into Pet Savers, but I've become more sociable since being here. l'll need a social person to understand my skittish nature and allow me time to warm up.

Intake Date: 1/1/07
Estimated DOB 6/1/06

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ID# D4059

Barbie (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Barbie the DogI'm Barbie, and I'm the sister of Betty. We were from a litter of five Lab/Shepherd mixes. We were both very shy at first, but being here has brought out our social side. However, I need an owner who will understand that I can be skittish at times. I'm full of love to give, though!

Intake Date: 1/1/07
Estimated DOB 6/1/06 Adopted 11/16 Returned 1/17. "Barbie was way too much for our neighborhood with houses so close together, as she barked and howled fairly often. She loved going for her daily 20 min. walk, but strained and pulled trying to get to the squirrels that are everywhere. Barbie is HIGH, HIGH energy despite her age. She really never bonded with us in 2 months. Sad to return her, but can't handle her,"

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ID# D4058

Eli (Male)

Needs to be spayed or neutered Needs shots

Eli the DogI'm Eli, and I'm the son of Ayla. Not sure who my dad is, but my mama has Husky and Lab in her, so I also am a mix of those. I'm 4 years old and just want a home of my own! Will you come meet me?

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ID# D4047

Angie (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Angie the DogRrrruff!! I'm Angie, a cutie-pie who is now looking for my forever home! I was adopted as a puppy in February of 2013, but my owners returned me in January. I don't know why! I'm now about two years old and waiting for a new forever home at Pet Savers.

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ID# D3964

Missouri (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Missouri the DogHistory: I am one of eight of Momma Freckles' puppies. We are beagle mixes and our mommy is about 30 pounds or so. We are not sure who our daddy is. Our mommy was rescued from a gassing chamber in Vermillion Parish, LA. She was very pregnant and a few days later, we came by c-section. We were mostly bottle-fed, because our mommy didn't have enough milk to feed all eight of us. I'd like to find a new home. Do you think it could be with you?

Intake Date: 4/19/11
DOB: 4/19/11

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ID# D3665

Montana (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Montana the DogHistory: I am one of eight of Momma Freckles' puppies. We are beagle mixes and our mommy is about 30 pounds or so. We are not sure who our daddy is. Our mommy was rescued from a gassing chamber in Vermillion Parish, LA. She was very pregnant and a few days later, we came by c-section. We were mostly bottle-fed, because our mommy didn't have enough milk to feed all eight of us. I'm still here with my sis, Missouri. Please take me home with you!

Intake Date: 4/19/11
DOB: 4/19/11

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ID# D3455

River (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

River the DogI was one of Linda's original rescues several years ago and she was able to find someone to care for me but he no longer I am back at Pet Savers. I'm about 7+ years old and a Catahoula mix. I've been an outside dog for several years, but I think I could learn to be an inside dog. I'm very laid back and docile but sometimes can be moody here in the shelter. I think it is just because I am ready for my new home. I will follow you around wherever you go. I'm not excitable, I pretty-much just walk around and sniff things. I am a gentle soul. I'd love a home where my owner is the same and wants a loving and loyal companion. A home with young children and other dogs wouldn't be suitable for me.

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ID# D2479

Tramp (Male)

Needs shots

Tramp the DogI am an 8 year old Chihuahua/Terrier mix (about 30lbs). I can be a little shy & skittish at first but once I come around, I might let you take me on a walk! I have done heartworm treatment but I need to be tested to see if I'm negative yet. I'm on monthly prevention though & I'm neutered. I do well with other dogs as long as they're the same size or bigger than me but I like to pick on dogs smaller than me. Does your home sound like one where I'd be happy? Complete an adoption application for me today!

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ID# D2214

Caesar (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Caesar  the DogSome day everyone hopes Ilona is going to take me home. She loves me and takes me out for walks in the park...and I love her. Every time someone asks about me, the answer is that Ilona will take me one of these days. Something has to happen about her other dogs. I was adopted from Pet Savers in February 09 at 4 months old. My adopters came back a couple of weeks after and adopted another dog as a playmate for me. She came home and then they decided they didn't want me anymore. They said I was more energetic than the new dog but what did they expect as I was a young lad! I love to take runs and go for regular walks. I am a real cuddler and quite affectionate. Miss Ilona has been working with me too, preparing me for my new home. I'm a pointer mix, good dog and ready to go home! Woof! Intake Date 2/20/09 Estimated DOB 11/1/08

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ID# D1919

CJ (Male)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

CJ the DogIn 2007 I was a gorgeous puppy at Pet Savers, with one blue eye & one brown eye. My brother & I were adopted together but I was returned 10 months later because I got mange & my owner didn't want me anymore. I am a 9 year old male Catahoula Cur mix & I do well with other female dogs. I really LOVE to go for walks up the road on a leash. Please don't let me live the rest of my days in a shelter kennel.

Intake Date: 10/11/08
Estimated DOB 6/1/07

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ID# D1236

PeeWee (Female)

Special Needs Special Rate Needs shots

PeeWee the DogI am a senior female Shepherd/Chow mix that came to Pet Savers in 2006. I don't always like new men in my life and I don't really care for new dogs, either. However, I am very affectionate with women and all the volunteers love me! Sadly I have a lot of tumors on my body and move around slowly in my old age. I would really love a foster family to take me into their care and let me live out my remaining years in the warmth and comfort of a loving home. Please contact the Pet Savers people if you would like to ask them questions about how you can be my family.

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ID# D269

Reeses (Male)

Special Needs Needs shots

Reeses  the DogI'm a happy pup with an interesting past because I first came to Pet Savers in 2005. I lived here for quite a while until my original owner said she lost me years ago & wanted me back after someone saw me on the website. Then she abandoned me again & I was returned by her daughter. I am a 12 year old Labrador Retriever mix who gets along with other dogs. I am extremely friendly & I just adore getting a good head scratch! I sure would love a home where I could live out my golden years with unlimited head scratches.

Intake Date: 11/27/05
Estimated DOB: 11/27/04

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ID# D178

Dreyfus - Foster Home (Male)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

Dreyfus - Foster Home the DogA couple adopted me & I really enjoyed home life but I am not a big fan of kids. Since my people were expecting a baby, it was best for me to be returned but it feels good to be back on my old stomping ground. I came to Pet Savers as a young pup & Linda says I am very special because I was one of her first dogs here. Through the years I have seen many faces, but in the end I still run this place. I am a 10 year old shepherd mix & would love another home without kids and other dogs.

Intake Date 6/20/06
Estimated DOB 1/30/06

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ID# D70

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