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Families, children, and dogs

Small children (5 years and under) and small dogs don't always mix and is one of the top reasons dogs are surrendered to kill and no-kill shelters in the United States. As a result, Pet Savers does not typically adopt dogs to families with very young children unless the circumstances are fitting.

Special Needs Special Needs
Needs to be spayed or neutered Needs to be spayed or neutered
Needs a yard Needs a yard
Pair-bonded Pair-bonded
Special Rate Special Rate
May not be up-to-date on vacinations May not be up-to-date on vaccinations
Up-to-date on vacinations Up-to-date on vaccinations
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We have multiple pages of dogs needing homes. Unless stated otherwise, dogs are boarded at the Pet Savers Shelter (318-636-0400).

Adopting a Shelter Dog - Free eBook
This free eBook guides you through the first seven days with your new dog. Seven simple lessons help you ease the transition from shelter life to home life for you and your pup. You can download your copy here.

Driving in from a long distance or live out of state?

We do make adoptions to areas outside of Shreveport/Bossier and out-of-state; however, we do not ship or transport at this time. Whether you're local, out-of-state, or driving in from a long-distance and wish to apply to adopt one of our animals, please email (unless otherwise indicated) for an adoption application. Please indicate which animal or animals you are interested in. Please be advised that the pet you are interested in may or may not be available at the time you make application. Applications are subject to approval and veterinary references will be checked. The animals we rescue are like our own pets and we have huge emotional and financial investments in each and every one of them. We are their voice and as such, look for forever homes where they will be loved and cared for as they are at Pet Savers. If you're not approved through Pet Savers, please consider visiting your local kill-shelter where you will save a life or go to our Pet Savers of Shreveport Facebook page where we feature courtesy postings for dogs not in our shelter who need new homes. Thank you.

Little Man - $100 Adoption Fee (Male)

Needs shots

Little Man - $100 Adoption Fee the DogMy owner died and I was brought to Pet Savers by one of her caretakers. I'm an elderly dog myself as I'm around 10 years old. I'm a very friendly guy, though and would love to find someone who will let me live out my golden years with them. My adoption fee is $100.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4914

PupPup - Foster Home (Female)

Needs shots

PupPup - Foster Home the DogI'm PupPup, a sweet, 45-lb pointer mix who was found on a highway by some nice people who are now fostering me. They are working on my house-training, crate-training, and leash-training, and Pet Savers got my shots and had me spayed. I'm young and energetic, but I would also love to snuggle and sleep on the bed with you. If you already have another dog who could be my playmate, I'd be so excited. I am an escape artist, so my collar needs to be a special escape-proof brand, and your fence should be high. Please get me microchipped in case I get out and can't find my way home. To adopt me, you must go through Pet Savers. I am in a foster home, so for more information about becoming my forever home, email Meredith at

Updated 2015-11-18 09:48:52
ID# D4913

Otis (Male)

Needs shots

Otis the DogI'm Otis, Praline's brother and another of the June Puppies. I was adopted originally but am now back at the shelter. I'm 5 months old, house-trained, and up to date on my shots. I will be neutered on 11/19 and then be ready to try again finding a forever home!

Updated 2015-11-16 12:28:56
ID# D4912

Mia - Foster Home (Female)

Needs shots

Mia - Foster Home the DogI was found by a nice lady who took really good care of me and gave me all my shots and is going to have me spayed, too. I'm not at the shelter, but I am available for adoption. If interested, please contact 318-573-5007 for more information.

Updated 2015-11-16 12:31:24
ID# D4911

Oliver (Male)

Needs shots

Oliver the DogHello there, my name's Oliver. I came in with my friends Abigail, Sassy, and Oscar. Our owner developed a serious illness and so we couldn't stay at our home anymore. I am fully vetted and waiting for my forever home!

Updated 2015-11-12 08:07:10
ID# D4908

Pablo - $100 Adoption Fee (Male)

Needs shots

Pablo - $100 Adoption Fee the DogI am very blessed because when the three other Chihuahuas were picked up by Pet Savers from Animal Control, I was in the same kennel with them. And they just let me tag along... how nice are they?! I am a 1 year old Chihuahua and very friendly. I'm a tiny guy, only weighing 3 pounds. I cannot wait for you to take me home! My adoption fee is $100.

Updated 2015-11-12 08:06:15
ID# D4907

Tico, Sassy & Leylo - $100 Adoption Fee (Various)

Needs shots

Tico, Sassy & Leylo - $100 Adoption Fee the DogWe are three sweet Chihuahuas between the ages of 1 and 2 years old. We were surrendered to a local kill shelter because our owner was unable to care for us anymore. We are only 5-6 lbs and are ready to go home with you right now! So don't make us wait too long! Our adoption fees are $100.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4906

Toby (Male)

Needs shots

Toby the DogMy name is Toby and I'm one year old, neutered, and up to date on my shots. I'm a super smart guy who will be a great learner. I'm already house-trained! My people moved and couldn't take me with them. I just want a home where I can stay forever! Can that be with you?

Updated 2015-11-11 15:18:02
ID# D4905

Praline (Female)

Needs shots

Praline the DogHello there, I'm Praline, one of the former June puppies. I was adopted, but it ended up that I was too much for their busy lives, so now I'm back at Pet Savers. I have fun with my friends here, but each day I grow a little more into "just another" black Lab mix. I'm asking the nicest way I possible can: please oh please make this Christmas the BEST ever for me by taking me home for good!

Updated 2015-11-09 11:27:10
ID# D4903

Lacey - Foster Home (Female)

Needs shots

Lacey - Foster Home the DogI am a sweet Lab / Pit Bull mix around one year old and house-trained. I'm great with other dogs, kids, and even cats! I am super friendly and absolutely love to play. If you're interested in meeting me, please contact my foster family at 318-573-3546.

Updated 2015-11-09 11:29:32
ID# D4902

Levi (aka Houdini) (Male)

Needs shots

Levi   (aka Houdini) the DogI was in hanging out in Pet Savers' parking lot before I was brought in. I'm adorable and don't weigh any more than 10 lbs, and I'm only about a year old. I am currently the cutest little guy at Pet Savers, wouldn't you agree? I'm neutered, up to date on my shots, and hw negative. Only thing is, I can escape from almost anywhere. Sometimes Linda takes me home, so check first to see where I am. 318 469-4499. She loves me a lot, so you have to be the perfect adopters with the highest wooden fence.

Updated 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ID# D4901

Charlie (Male)

Needs shots

Charlie the DogI was dropped off at Pet Savers' vet where I was neutered and updated on all my shots. I am right at 1 year old and very friendly and energetic. I would absolutely love a home with a big ole yard where I could run and play to my heart's content!

Updated 2015-10-23 18:19:33
ID# D4900

Nicole (Female)

Needs shots

Nicole the DogI need your help! My name is Nicole, aka the $2400 Dog. I was found outside a hospital and some nice ladies brought me to Pet Savers. Something was wrong with my leg and it turned out to be a very complicated operation. I'm doing great now but Pet Savers took a hit after spending $2400 on my surgery. Could you help us out? In order for Pet Savers to keep saving the many dogs and cats in our area, we need your help. Please consider offering a donation. You can donate directly on our website under the "Ways to Give" tab or send donations directly to our "corporate address" at 632 Dudley Drive, Shreveport, LA 71104. My friends and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Oh, and just so you know...I'm HOUSE-TRAINED, and very sweet and loving, in case you want to adopt me!

Updated 2015-10-15 02:26:33
ID# D4898

Oscar 2 - $85 Adoption Fee (Male)

Needs shots

Oscar 2 - $85 Adoption Fee the DogI'm Oscar 2 (since there's another Oscar here at the shelter), and I came into Pet Savers with my friends Abigail, Sassy and Oliver. Our owner's wife developed a disease that forced him to have to rehome us. I am 12 years old and am a purebred Dachshund. Please consider giving me a forever home where I can live out my Golden Years! My adoption fee is $85.

Updated 2015-10-13 07:47:30
ID# D4893

Java (Male)

Needs shots

Java the DogHi there, my name is Java. I used to drink my owner's coffee when he wasn't looking and that's how I got my name. I am 3 years old and neutered. I came from the country, but Pet Savers kinda looks like I a back home! I am very laidback and waiting patiently for a new home!

Updated 2015-10-08 12:42:19
ID# D4889

Hansel (Male)

Needs shots

Hansel the DogI was adopted from Pet Savers a few months ago, but then my owner decided she didn't want me anymore and took me to a local kill shelter. This could have gone horribly wrong, but thankfully I was saved and returned to Pet Savers. I have grown a lot, but I'm still the same old Hansel I used to be looking for a new home again where I will be loved forever!

Updated 2015-10-13 07:46:19
ID# D4887

Stanley (Male)

Needs shots

Stanley the DogHi, I'm Stanley! My owner was living in a hotel and I got sick, so now I'm at Pet Savers 'cuz the hotel wouldn't let her keep me. I'm young and well-behaved and not too big, either! I'm neutered and up to date.

Updated 2015-10-05 07:54:33
ID# D4886

Sam 2 (Male)

Needs shots

Sam 2 the DogI am Sam 2. My owner dropped me off with someone in the Pet Savers parking lot while waiting for the shelter to open. In her defense, she did spend quite a bit of money to get me updated on everything. I am almost 12 years old and very gentle and friendly. I'm housetrained and just looking for someone who needs a companion to pass the time with. Also, I am fine with cats. Do you think that could be you? And oh hey, how do you like my picture? I'm just getting ready for the holidays, and I would love to spend them with you!

Updated 2015-10-30 10:41:20
ID# D4882

Jeff (Male)

Needs shots

Jeff the DogSay hello to another cutie (me!). I'm Jeff, and I'm under a year old. I was left at someone's house and lived with the people for 3 weeks before coming to Pet Savers. I'm housetrained and very friendly! I will be neutered on Thursday, October 1. I am about 25 lbs, so just the right size for your next forever friend! Come by the shelter anytime to meet me... they're open 7 days a week from noon to 4 pm!

Updated 2015-09-28 09:05:42
ID# D4881

Hunter (Male)

Needs shots

Hunter the DogThank goodness for kind people. I was found lost in the woods when a nice man took me home and let me stay with him for a little while. pet Savers was able to take me in since I'm not a super big guy, just around 35 lbs. I appear to be housetrained and will be neutered on Thursday, October 1. I am a young Redtick Coonhound and up to date on my shots.

Updated 2015-09-28 09:03:50
ID# D4880

Hulk (Male)

Needs shots

Hulk the DogAs you can plainly see, I am a Shar-Pei. I was found wandering in a neighborhood. I'm not in good shape but Pet Savers wants me to have a life. Surgery for my back legs is not an option and they are not right. But I do pretty well, anyway. If you are interested in meeting me you can come to the shelter or email

Updated 2015-09-30 13:29:25
ID# D4879

Titan - $100 Adoption Fee (Various)

Needs shots

Titan - $100 Adoption Fee the DogWell hello there! I'm Titan, a 2.5 year old black lab. I was here with Summer, another lab, but she got adopted so now it's just me. I was adopted from Animal Control. I am fully vetted, house-trained, and I get along with everyone - dogs, kids, and yes, even cats! I'm also microchipped. I need a home with a big yard and privacy fence and someone who has time to play with me! My adoption fee is $100. Stop by the shelter to meet me!

Updated 2015-10-07 07:41:48
ID# D4875

Aries (Male)

Needs shots

Aries the DogHi, I'm Aries! But "Dog of Mischief" is my nickname here at the shelter. I didn't touch anything in my old owner's house, except the computer mouse and video game controllers. What can I say, I was fascinated with it and had loads of fun playing with those things! I came into the shelter with friends Shylog and Phenias. I am 8 months old and look to be a Pit Bull / Beagle / Labradoodle / Great Dane mix (so many options!). I'm settling in nicely here at the shelter, but what I REALLY want is a home of my own!

Updated 2015-09-16 08:20:53
ID# D4871

Phineas (Male)

Needs shots

Phineas the DogHello everyone! I came here with my friends Aries and Shylog. We just LOVE playing in Pet Savers' yard, but hey... I'd love a yard to call all my own! I am 8 months old and will be neutered September 17. In the meantime, come on out and meet me!

Updated 2015-09-14 07:20:36
ID# D4869

Shylog (Female)

Needs shots

Shylog the DogBlack dogs can be beautiful, just look at me! I was rescued by a nice man with a big heart. He had other dogs already, so he couldn't keep me. I came in with my friends, Phineas and Aries. We've been together all of our lives, so we're just getting used to our new life at Pet Savers. I am 1 year old, spayed, and up to date on my shots. I've got everything I need... except for a home to call my own!

Updated 2015-09-11 08:39:16
ID# D4866

Omar (Male)

Needs shots

Omar the DogCome on, admit it, you think I'm a good looking guy, don't you? I'm Omar and I'm new here to Pet Savers. My original owner had to give me up and so a family stepped in to help. But I wasn't nice to their dog, so I had to come here to Pet Savers. It's actually a pretty nice place here. I am very large and proud of all my 80 pounds. I'm neutered and up to date on my shots. I'm house-trained and love people. I would even be nice to your grandma, I promise! I am 6 years old, too, and ready to go home with you are. Please hurry and come get me, okay?

Updated 2015-09-08 11:46:24
ID# D4862

Freeway - Foster Home (Male)

Needs shots

Freeway - Foster Home the DogI'm Freeway, and I'm in need of a new home ASAP. I am 2 years old, up to date on my shots, and neutered. I was heartworm positive but I have been treated for it and am now negative. For more information call 318-686-5945 and ask for Kris.

Updated 2015-09-04 07:20:32
ID# D4859

Chance (Male)

Needs shots

Chance the DogMy name is Chance, and I was named after the dog from the movie "Homeward Bound." My friend Shadow and I wandered up to someone's property after being on our own for some time. The kind people fed us and then brought us here to Pet Savers. I'm 4 years old, neutered and up to date on my shots. Come take me home with you!

Updated 2015-08-31 10:03:39
ID# D4855

Shadow (Male)

Needs shots

Shadow the DogHi there, I'm Shadow, best friend of Chance. I'm 3 years old, neutered, and up to date on my shots. Our names were picked from the movie "Homeward Bound" where 3 friends travel across the country to find their family that moved away. Chance and I have come a long way to find you and hope you'll take us home with you!

Updated 2015-08-31 10:02:27
ID# D4854

Jojo (Female)

Needs shots

Jojo the DogI am Jojo, a stunning Shepherd mix with a beautiful brindle coat. My owner was elderly and could no longer care for me. I am 1 year old and fully vetted. In other words, I'm spayed, up to date on all shots, and on heartworm prevention. I am large and energetic, but friendly. Come meet me!

Updated 2015-08-17 09:50:37
ID# D4846

Winston (Male)

Needs shots

Winston the DogHello, I'm Winston, formerly known as Spot. I was adopted from Pet Savers one year ago and just recently returned because my humans became foster parents to 4 children. They were overwhelmed and brought me back, saying I was too much for them. I am 2 1/2 years old and weigh 12 lbs. I am a super cute Chihuahua mix with an adorable Mohawk. I'm up to date on my shots, neutered, house-trained and heartworm negative. At first, I was upset to be back at the shelter, but it's cool now. I get royal treatment and the place looks great. I KNOW my forever family will come for me soon (like, tomorrow, okay?).

Adopted 8/15.

Update November 2015: I was adopted to a couple in Keithville, but when a nice woman found me abandoned in Bossier City, things didn't add up. She called the number on my tag, but the people never came and claimed me. Thankfully, the nice lady brought me to Pet Savers without even knowing that I was adopted from here. I like adventures, but not these kinds of adventures. Can my next home be my forever home, pretty please?

Updated 2015-11-12 08:09:00
ID# D4840

Baby (Female)

Needs shots

Baby the DogHello! I just arrived to Pet Savers and already LOVE this place! I lived in a rent house with people, but when they moved out they left me behind. The landlord found me tied to a chain and was able to bring me to Pet Savers. I am one of the SWEETEST dogs the Pet Savers people have seen in a while. I was even allowed to move in with Pete, a current resident. We hit it right off and acted like old friends who hadn't seen each other in forever. I am a mixed breed of some sort and between one and two years old. I am even spayed!

Updated 2015-09-27 14:36:04
ID# D4833

Jackson (Male)

Needs shots

Jackson the DogI was adopted from Petsmart two months ago but returned because I am destructive when I am left alone for too long (hey... I get bored!). I am a gorgeous 1 year old Lab / Shepherd mix. I'm house-trained and neutered. I am fine with other dogs, kids and even cats. I should probably go to a home where I have a large yard with a secured privacy fence and to a family that has time to hang out with me a lot. Pet Savers is a place for second chances I am asking for one of those! Please come by and adopt your next best friend (that's me!).

Updated 2015-10-20 16:43:29
ID# D4832

Pongo (Female)

Needs shots

Pongo the DogI am especially grateful for being here. My home situation was not acceptable for me and Pet Savers feels like heaven! I am a 3 year old mix breed, spayed and house-trained. I would need a home where I am the only dog. I love to go for walks but also like to just be there if you need someone to talk to.

Adopted 8/15 but had to be returned because I wasn't doing well in an apartment setting.

Updated 2015-10-19 12:04:36
ID# D4826

Jack (Male)

Needs shots

Jack the DogHey there, I'm Jack! My family and I just moved here from the country. They all like it here, but I miss our old place and I keep jumping the fence. As a result, I had to be put on a chain. I am SO glad I'm here at Pet Savers now and can roam in the new yard. I am 1.5 years old and neutered. I'm ready to start over with a new family. Just give me a chance, pretty please?

Updated 2015-10-15 15:30:37
ID# D4816

Bo (Male)

Needs shots

Bo the DogI sure have come a long way since that morning when I was found tied to Pet Savers fence. They thought I was a lab mix at first but turns out I am a Pit Bull. I am about 2 years old and neutered. I am very large and very strong, but I'm really just a good ol' boy looking for a place of my own with a nice family.

Adopted 11/15.

Updated 2015-11-16 12:10:49
ID# D4799

Phoenix - Foster Home (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Phoenix - Foster Home the DogI am just resting in the shade while I tell you my story: I was adopted from Pet Savers a few months ago and I loved my home. But sadly things have changed. My owner's husband didn't like me and she was worried that he would hurt me while she was at work. So I am back, hoping to find a family that loves me. I am 11 months old, house-trained and very smart. I know basic commands and I am willing to learn more. I get along with other dogs, kids and cats. If you need a running buddy: here I am. I will stay at your side without a leash. Give me a home, I will give you my heart.

Updates: I am still house-trained, walk nicely on a leash, and am good with older kids. However, I need an energetic playmate who can play with me! I am around 2 years old. Adopted 6/15 but I'm not working out in my new home. However, my current owners have agreed to foster me until a new, more suitable home can be found. If you'd like to meet me, please contact Ilona at 318-573-5007.

Updated 2015-10-21 13:08:21
ID# D4794

Ma'am (Female)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

Ma'am the DogMy name is Ma'am, and I am a very sweet girl. I was surrendered because a single guy couldn't handle my energy level. I could run for days! So if you are looking for a running partner, then I am your girl! My original owner got a DNA test done on me, and it said I am an Alaskan Malamute/Pointer mix. Come meet me and tell me if you agree!

Adopted 8/15 but had to be returned to the shelter. She would do best in a home where she is the only dog.

Updated 2015-08-20 07:23:37
ID# D4752

Tootsie (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Tootsie the DogI am one scruffy girl! I am a sweetie, but I am also pretty shy at first. I was adopted about a year ago l, but returned to Pet Savers. I really wish I could finally get out of this shelter for good. Maybe you could adopt me and keep me forever? I would make a great companion!

Updated 2015-04-27 11:59:51
ID# D4748

Ginger 2 - Foster Home (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Ginger 2 - Foster Home the DogHEY!! I am a sweet girl that was found with a bunch a puppies, my lovely babies went to wonderful homes, so now I am left! They got me spayed so I don't have to go through that anymore, phew! I'm a pretty pup who's house-trained and up to date on my shots. What more could you want? I'm currently in a foster home so please call Ilona at 318-573-5007 if interested.

Updated 2015-09-15 07:38:11
ID# D4743

Andy (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Andy the DogA nice lady found me on I-20. She was surprised when I got right in her car, but I knew a good thing when I saw it. So now I am ready to go after being neutered, up to date on my shots, and cared for at Pet Savers. It turns out I am one of the sweetest and gentlest dogs they have! I just want to be a pet...they feel sure I was one before I ended up on the interstate. I am bigger, but not rough and aggressive in any way.

Adopted 4/15 but returned 6/15 for reasons unrelated to Andy's behavior. Andy is one of the sweetest strays Pet Savers has ever encountered!

Updated 2015-11-17 10:47:50
ID# D4718

Chihuahuas (Various)

Needs shots

Chihuahuas the DogWe came from a hoarding situation and now there are six of us together at Pet Savers. We are not particularly friendly or people-oriented, but we sure are cute. With some time and patience, we'll hopefully be able to warm up to you and forget our not-so-happy past. We are all altered, and up to date on shots, the lovely ladies can explain everything else about us if you would like to come visit us! April 2015 update: Three of us females have been adopted. Three males remain. May 2015 update:Three males now remain in foster.

Updated 2015-06-24 13:22:01
ID# D4714

Roxy - Foster Home (Female)

Special Needs Needs shots

Roxy - Foster Home the DogMy owner had to go to a nursing home, so here I am at Pet Savers. I'm 10 years old, but I'm really sweet. Can you take me?

I'm currently in a foster home. If interested in meeting me, please contact Linda at (318) 469-4499.

Updated 2015-04-27 12:05:06
ID# D4687

Harley (Male)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

Harley the DogMy name is Harley, and I'm a little under a year old. I am a black lab mix, I am up to date on all my shots and neutered. I get along with other dogs, but I'm very shy at first, so I'll need some time to warm up to you. Since I am an adolescent boy, I can get pretty vocal. If you think you've got what it takes to care for a beautiful Lab like me, then come down to the shelter and meet me!

Adopted 1/15 but returned to the shelter.

Updated 2015-04-27 12:08:32
ID# D4683

Pilot (Male)

Needs shots

Pilot the DogHey, how ya doin'?! My name's Pilot and I'm a new guy here at Pet Savers. My old owner left me in the yard of a rental property when they moved. Being left behind made me pretty sad, but at least I'm safe here at Pet Savers. I'm really sweet and get along with most other dogs; however, I am possessive when it comes to food - my food is MY food! So I should be fed alone. I also love kids! Come say hi!

Updated 2014-10-08 16:18:54
ID# D4595

Buddy 2 (Male)

Needs shots

Buddy 2 the DogI'm Buddy 2, not to be confused with the other Buddy here at Pet Savers. I came in with three other dogs when my family lost their home. Unfortunately, none of us were neutered and I was isolated in one room for a long time all by myself. So now I'm very shy and I take a while to trust strangers. However, once I warm up to you, I will love you with all I have! I'm 2 years old, up to date on my shots, neutered, house-trained, and crate-trained.

Updated 2015-03-08 14:17:27
ID# D4582

Tanker (Male)

Needs shots

Tanker the DogMy name is Tanker. I'm a 5 year old Heeler whose owner brought me to Pet Savers because they couldn't take care of me anymore. I take a little bit of patience to win my affection, but once you've got it, I'm totally loyal to you. I'm up to date on my shots and neutered.

Updated 2015-04-16 00:08:44
ID# D4570

Chloe (Female)

Needs shots

Chloe the DogI'm Chloe and I've been at Pet Savers for quite a while. When I was brought in, I was shy and would growl and bark. However, staff has been working with me and I'm much sweeter now. I'm a big fan of belly rubs once you get me out of the kennel. I may be shy at first, but I just need someone who is patient and willing to work to gain my trust. I do NOT like being kenneled, though. The Pet Savers people think that maybe I had a bad experience with kennels in the past, which is why I am so unhappy whenever I am put in one. Is there someone out there willing to take the time to give a home to a girl like me?

Updated 2015-11-17 10:28:55
ID# D4562

Ruler (Male)

Needs shots

Ruler the DogLook at me! I came in as a cute 4 month old pup and now I'm a (still cute) 6 month old pup. I was dropped off at Southern Hills Animal Hospital after being found as a stray. They kept me there until Pet Savers had room for me. I'm a sweet guy, but I do like to play rough! I'm neutered and up to date on my shots. Come meet me!

Adopted 1/15 but returned to the shelter 2/15 because there was a death in the family.

Updated 2015-02-08 04:57:11
ID# D4559

Arthur (Male)

Needs shots

Arthur the DogI'm Arthur, a 3 year old Walker Hound. I had a little accident - a car accident, that is. It shattered my hips (can you say OUCH?!), but I'm doing really well recovering! I can run like the wind. I'm now on the hunt for my new family. I love everyone! Now I want to love YOU!

Updated 2015-04-13 14:22:18
ID# D4533

Brady (Male)

Needs shots

Brady the DogI'm one of those dogs, y'know. What do I mean by "those" dogs? I'm that dog who was found as a stray and so no one really knows about my past. But you know what they say about "those" dogs? They say that they make some of the sweetest pets. Why's that? Because we know what it's like to go from having nothing on the streets to having a place to call home. It's a pretty sweet thing. I'm very sweet and I even like other dogs too. Come take me home, won'tcha?

Updated 2015-03-04 19:01:25
ID# D4529

Shotzie (Female)

Needs shots

Shotzie the DogHi, the name's Shotzie. I'm a beautiful black German Shepherd. I appear to be older, maybe around 8 or so. I get along great with people, but I don't do well with small dogs. I'm housetrained, spayed, and up to date on my shots. I'm at the Pet Savers shelter.

Updated 2015-11-17 10:45:23
ID# D4489

Sam (Male)

Special Needs Needs shots

Sam the DogI'm a tiny but sturdy Chihuahua, about 3 years old and neutered. I'm kind of like a mascot. I live in the office kitchen and I ADORE other smaller dogs and puppies. I just don't like many people, But they get a kick out of keeping me around because I'm so predictable and funny.

Adopted 8/14, but returned 10/14. I was adopted to a family, and I just couldn't get along with the husband and kids. I'd do better with a single person who I can love on day after day.

Updated 2015-04-27 12:12:02
ID# D4451

Millie (Female)

Needs shots

Millie the DogI'm Millie, and I'm a young thing at only one year old. I don't like cats very much, but I do get along with other young dogs. I like to play rough, so I need playmates who can keep up with me. You can meet me at the Pet Savers shelter.

Updated 2015-08-31 09:57:10
ID# D4437

Oscar (Male)

Needs shots

Oscar the DogMy name is Oscar. I am a one and a half year old beagle/basset hound mix. I'm neutered and up to date on my shots. I'm at the Pet Savers shelter, having a blast, waiting for a new home. See, my former owners really loved me, but I was just too much dog for them as they are a lovely retired couple and I am a super-exuberant playful and energetic young boy. I am super strong and I LOVE to play tug-a-war!! In fact, maybe YOU have a dog that needs me for a playmate?

Updated 2015-10-08 07:27:08
ID# D4423

Joe (Male)

Needs shots

Joe the DogMy name is Joe. I'm a large Basset Hound mix. I'm pretty entertaining and even chase my own tail. Come by the Pet Savers shelter and say hello!

Adopted 1/14 but I've had to be returned to the shelter because my new mommy had to move and she couldn't take me with her.

Updated 2015-06-21 15:29:23
ID# D4410

Coco - Foster Home (Female)

Needs shots

Coco - Foster Home the DogI'm Coco (pictured left), and I was one of 7 pups rescued and cared for by a nice lady. Except now I'll be a year old in November, so I'm basically all grown up. I am up to date on my shots, spayed, and I have a microchip. I'm a smart gal too - I'm house-trained AND kennel-trained. Yahoo! I also don't mind other cats and dogs, but get this: I am a little shy when meeting new people. My absolute best friend is my brother Jasper, so we need to go to a home together. Ya think you have what it takes to bring two gorgeous pups like us into your home? We'd make the perfect companions!


Updated 2015-10-14 13:38:06
ID# D4387

Bronco (Male)

Needs shots

Bronco the DogI'm Bronco, a 3 year old mixed breed. I'm playful and full of energy. Here I am in my photo posing with my favorite toy. I'm neutered and up to date on my shots.I am a little intimidating at first, because I am weary of strangers. I wish someone with a lot of patience could sit with me and maybe I would learn how to trust. I like the workers here, so maybe if you would give me a chance I could like you too!!

Updated 2015-04-20 10:51:51
ID# D4269

Betty (Female)

Needs shots

Betty the DogI'm Betty and I'm from a litter of five Lab/Shepherd mixes. My sis is Barbie. I was very shy and scared when I first came into Pet Savers, but I've become more sociable since being here. l'll need a social person to understand my skittish nature and allow me time to warm up.

Intake Date: 1/1/07
Estimated DOB 6/1/06

Updated 2015-11-17 10:34:54
ID# D4059

Barbie (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Barbie the DogI'm Barbie, and I'm the sister of Betty. We were from a litter of five Lab/Shepherd mixes. We were both very shy at first, but being here has brought out our social side. However, I need an owner who will understand that I can be skittish at times. I'm full of love to give, though!

Intake Date: 1/1/07
Estimated DOB 6/1/06

Updated 2015-03-22 20:17:32
ID# D4058

Buddy (Male)

Needs to be spayed or neutered Needs shots

Buddy the DogHEY! I'm Buddy, and I'm a 1-2 year old Pittie mix. I came to Pet Savers as a stray. Let me tell you, having food to eat and a place to sleep is so much better than being on the streets! Though being here is great, it'd be even GREATER to have a family to call my own! Could that be you?

Updated 2014-08-08 08:23:36
ID# D4049

Ely (Male)

Needs to be spayed or neutered Needs shots

Ely the DogI'm Ely, and I'm the son of Ayla. Not sure who my dad is, but my mama has Husky and Lab in her, so I also am a mix of those. I'm 4 years old and just want a home of my own! Will you come meet me?

Adopted 10/13, but then returned to the shelter.

Updated 2014-12-28 21:33:02
ID# D4047

Mike (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Mike the DogI'm hunting wabbits.... Ok not really, I'm just walking along Pet Savers fence. But hunting wabbits sounds like more fun.

Me and Shelby were brought in together after we were found wandering on I-49! Turns out we don't like each other much. I'd probably do better in a single dog home. Come by Pet Savers and meet me!

Updated 2015-09-18 07:21:10
ID# D4013

Pepper (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Pepper the DogYo, I'm Pepper, a big black lovable lab who had to come to Pet Savers because my home situation was, well, not good. I'm fixed, up to date, and heart worm negative. I will wait for you at Pet Savers. You won't regret meeting me!

Adopted 12/13 but returned 1/14.

Updated 2014-09-30 20:08:30
ID# D4006

Angie (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Angie the DogRrrruff!! I'm Angie, a cutie-pie who is now looking for my forever home! I was adopted as a puppy in February of 2013, but my owners returned me in January. I'm now around one year old and waiting for a new forever home at Pet Savers.

Updated 2015-04-27 12:14:01
ID# D3964

Missouri (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Missouri the DogHistory: I am one of eight of Momma Freckles' puppies. We are beagle mixes and our mommy is about 30 pounds or so. We are not sure who our daddy is. Our mommy was rescued from a gassing chamber in Vermillion Parish, LA. She was very pregnant and a few days later, we came by c-section. We were mostly bottle-fed, because our mommy didn't have enough milk to feed all eight of us.

Intake Date: 4/19/11
DOB: 4/19/11

Updated 2015-03-04 19:08:24
ID# D3665

Montana (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Montana the DogHistory: I am one of eight of Momma Freckles' puppies. We are beagle mixes and our mommy is about 30 pounds or so. We are not sure who our daddy is. Our mommy was rescued from a gassing chamber in Vermillion Parish, LA. She was very pregnant and a few days later, we came by c-section. We were mostly bottle-fed, because our mommy didn't have enough milk to feed all eight of us.

Intake Date: 4/19/11
DOB: 4/19/11

Updated 2015-03-04 19:13:29
ID# D3455

Fritz (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Fritz the DogHey, what'cha look'n at?! ME!! I was adopted from Pet Savers as a puppy in April 2010 and returned recently because my owner is going to back to college. What?! Oh man, I loved my person, too. I'm very sweet natured, housetrained, great with kids, great with other dogs and cats. I walk good on a leash but do like to be kenneled on car rides because I'm all over the place. I am not destructive, but I need plenty of chew toys to keep me busy. I'm big and handsome and need a yard, too. If you'd like to meet me, please come by Pet Savers' shelter. I got to be in a special obedience training program several years ago, so I was taught some manners. It doesn't matter much when I'm living in a kennel at Pet Savers, though. Adopted 12/12 but returned 7/13.

Updated 2015-11-17 10:33:37
ID# D2868

River (Female)

All shots are Up-To-Date

River the Dog I was one of Lindaís original rescues several years ago and she was able to find me someone to care for meÖ but he no longer I am back at Pet Savers. Iím about 7+ years old and a Catahoula mix. Iíve been an outside dog for several years, but I think I could learn to be an inside dog. Iím very laid back and docile but sometimes can be moody here in the shelter. I think it is just because I am ready for my new home. I will follow you around wherever you go. Iím not excitableÖ I pretty-much just walk around and sniff things. I am a gentle soul. Iíd love a home where my owner is the same and wants a loving and loyal companion. A home with young children and other dogs wouldnít be suitable for me.

Updated 2012-07-03 08:44:19
ID# D2479

Tramp (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Tramp the Dog

Updated 2015-11-17 10:46:24
ID# D2214

Caesar - sort of reserved (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

Caesar - sort of reserved the DogSome day everyone hopes Ilona is going to take me home. She loves me and takes me out for walks in the park...and I love her. Every time someone asks about me, the answer is that Ilona will take me one of these days. Something has to happen about her other dogs. I was adopted from Pet Savers in February 09í at 4 months old. My adopters came back a couple of weeks after and adopted another dog as a playmate for me. She came home and then they decided they didnít want me anymore. They said I was more energetic than the new dog but what did they expect as I was a young lad! I love to take runs and go for regular walks. I am a real cuddler and quite affectionate. Miss Ilona has been working with me too, preparing me for my new home. I'm a pointer mix, good dog and ready to go home! Woof!
Intake Date 2/20/09
Estimated DOB 11/1/08

Reserved: A long time employee is hoping to bring me home with them soon.

Updated 2014-05-13 07:54:57
ID# D1919

CJ (Male)

All shots are Up-To-Date

CJ the DogSome years ago, I was a gorgeous puppy at Pet Savers and was adopted with my brother. I have one blue eye, one brown eye, and developed a case of mange. My owner returned me after 10 months because he was told there was nothing that could be done for me and because I kept wanting to run away. So I've turned in to kind of a lifer. Linda tried to take me to her house, but I didn't work out with her boy dog Teddy. Pet Savers has figured out that I do well with a female kennel mate and that I LOVE to go for walks up the road on a leash.

Intake Date: 10/11/08
Estimated DOB 6/1/07

Updated 2015-11-17 10:37:06
ID# D1236

PeeWee (Female)

Special Needs All shots are Up-To-Date

PeeWee the DogI am a mature female shepherd/chow mix. I dislike men I don't know and used to want to fight with every dog I saw. As I've gotten older...not so much. I'm sweet and loving with individual women. They all adore her at Pet Savers and I loves them.

(PeeWee would need a very special home to live in peace and safety.)

Came to Pet Savers in 2006.

Updated 2015-11-17 10:40:11
ID# D269

Reesus (Male)

Special Needs All shots are Up-To-Date

Reesus  the DogI'm a Black Lab mix. When I was brought in Pet Savers was told I only liked women, but eventually I seemed fine with everybody. However, I got adopted after about a year and charged the husband, so I was returned.

Years later, in 2013, my original owner came and said she lost me 5 years before and wanted me back after someone saw me on the web site. BUT I was brought in AGAIN by her daughter because Mom abandoned me. But guess what...I'm happy at Pet Savers. Intake Date: 11/27/05
Estimated DOB: 11/27/04

Updated 2015-11-17 10:44:29
ID# D178

Dreyfus (Male)

Needs yard All shots are Up-To-Date

Dreyfus the DogHi, it's Dreyfus and I am back at Pet Savers. A couple adopted me and I really enjoyed home life. At 10 years old, I am not a big fan of kids and since my people were expecting a baby, it was best for me to be returned. I kind of missed the old shelter, and it feels good to be back on my old stumping ground. I came here as a young pup and made Pet Savers my home. Linda says I am very special, because I was one of her first dogs here. Through the years I have seen many faces, but in the end I still run this place. I am very healthy and could shoot for another home, but without kids and other dogs.

Intake Date 6/20/06
Estimated DOB 1/30/06

Adopted 8/14 but returned 6/15.

Updated 2015-07-05 13:52:42
ID# D70

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