Welcome to Pet Savers, Inc. in Shreveport, Louisiana. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Mission:

To rescue, protect, and place abandoned or unwanted pets and provide funds for neutering, spaying, and other veterinary care.


About Us

We have provided a safe, no-kill alternative to animal control for almost two decades.However, our space is limited and if pets are not being adopted quickly enough, we will not have room to take in more.

By adopting a pet, you will change the life of a homeless animal. Above all, you will save the life of the pet you adopt, and you will create space for another life to be saved.

Many of the pets we save are strays. Honestly, we cannot guarantee that they are house-trained, good with children, good with other pets, friendly or unfriendly. Though the history of many are unknown, we do know all animals are deserving of a  safe and loving home.

We rely soley on donations to keep up our work. Please consider helping with donations or volunteering. If not, we hope you tell others about us.

Thanks for visiting our website!

Note: Please do NOT bring pets to the shelter without prior permission.