Families, children, and dogs

Small children (5 years and under) and small dogs don’t always mix and is one of the top reasons dogs are surrendered to kill and no-kill shelters in the United States. As a result, Pet Savers does not typically adopt dogs to families with very young children unless the circumstances are fitting.


  • icon_specialneeds1 Special Needs
  • icon_needs_fixin_dog1 Needs to be spayed or neutered
  • icon_needs_yard1 Needs a yard
  • icon_paired1 Pair-bonded
  • icon_specialrate1 Special Rate
  • icon_utd0 May not be up-to-date on vaccinations
  • icon_utd1 Up-to-date on vaccinations


We are ALWAYS at full-capacity (65) with dogs.

Driving in from a long distance or live out of state?

We do make adoptions to areas outside of Shreveport/Bossier and out-of-state; however, we do not ship or transport at this time. Whether you’re local, out-of-state, or driving in from a long-distance and wish to apply to adopt one of our animals, you can fill out our online Adoption Agreement. Please indicate which animal or animals you are interested in. Please be advised that the pet you are interested in may or may not be available at the time you make application. Applications are subject to approval and veterinary references will be checked. The animals we rescue are like our own pets and we have huge emotional and financial investments in each and every one of them. We are their voice and as such, look for forever homes where they will be loved and cared for as they are at Pet Savers. If you’re not approved through Pet Savers, please consider visiting your local kill-shelter where you will save a life or go to our Pet Savers of Shreveport Facebook page where we feature courtesy postings for dogs not in our shelter who need new homes. Thank you.

Tessie – Fee $125 (Female)

Dear adopters, I am looking for an active human that will be able to walk me, run with me, play fetch, let me run around the backyard. Since I am a working dog breed, I need to feel like I have a job every day, especially if you do not have any sheep. I do not like to share my human, so I need to be the only dog. I promise I will be enough dog for you. I am eager to learn what sit, off, down, stay mean. I weigh 50 pounds, have tricolored fur and the most awesome set of ears. If you have what I am looking for, please fill out an application to meet me.

Est. D.O.B. 3/19/2020
Updated September 26, 2022 9:40 pm
ID# D12975

Annie Puppy – Fee $150 (Female)

Hi, I'm Annie. As you can see, I do not mind car rides one bit. What you cannot see is the little dog snuggled up next to me in the seat, so I get along well with other dogs. Just so you know, I love playing in mud puddles. I might seem a little stand-offish when I first see you, but give me one pet or a tail scratch, you become my best friend. They say I am a German Shepard, 6 to 8 months old, and weigh 30 to 40 pounds. I will grow to 49 to 71 pounds. If you have excellent petting skills, I would love to meet you. Please fill out an adoption application for me today!
Updated September 26, 2022 3:04 pm
ID# D17204

Cinnamon – Fee $150 (Female)

Hi Everybody, I am Cinnamon. As you can see, I have adorably large fox ears and a cute curly tail. I am 1 to 2 years of age and weigh 10 pounds. They say I am a Chihuahua mix of some sort. I am not sure who my parents were. I do not dwell on those sorts of things. A snuggle buddy would be great. I do get along well with other dogs my size. You can view my sweet, snugly, sleeping pic on Pet Savers Facebook page. Please fill out an adoption application if you could become my snuggle buddy. I would love to meet you.
Updated September 24, 2022 6:34 pm
ID# D17284

Molly – Fee $150 (Female)

As you can see, I am a chocolate brown Chiweenie who loves to snuggle. I am 1 to 2 years old; weigh 9 pounds; get along well with canines my size. I would love to have a family. If you would like to meet a brown-eyed girl like me, please let Pet Savers know by filling out an adoption application today. Love, Molly
Updated September 24, 2022 3:46 pm
ID# D17291

Luke Puppy – Fee $150 (Male)

Hi, My name is Luke. They believe me to be a Chiweenie Min Pin mix. Check out the fur on my face. Thank you to mama and daddy. When I'm all grown up, I'll most likely weigh no more than 20 pounds. I am an active, avid explorer. I am going to love playing fetch with you when I grow just a little larger, but right now, I'm still a bit of a clumsy little puppy. If you would like to meet me soon, please fill out an application for me.
Updated September 23, 2022 3:54 pm
ID# D17289

Meesha – Fee $200 (Female)

My name is Meesha. As you can see from my photo, I am a Mountain Cur. I am headed for a nap as playtime has just worn me out. I have not made it to my first birthday yet. The most important thing to know about me is I love playing with people and the other dogs at the shelter. I would love to share my first birthday with you.
Updated September 23, 2022 3:50 pm
ID# D17308

Sassie – Fee $150 (Female)

I am Sassie, and I am an adorable young Beagle mix weighing about 30 pounds. I love to play with my dog friends, but when I see people, I run to the fence and try to get pets and give kisses to everyone who stops by.

If you like to play, receive kisses, and be unconditionally loved, then I am your pup. All you need to do is fill out an adoption application, get approved, and make an appointment to visit me.
Updated September 22, 2022 6:41 pm
ID# D17184

Sissy – Fee $150 (Female)

Well, you caught me in the pool. What is a girl to do, it has been one hot summer here in Shreveport. As you can see, I have no aversion to water. When I am not taking a dip in my pool, I do enjoy napping and playing with my canine buddies. That said, I would prefer hanging out with a human I can call my own. Someone that could play with me and give me tummy rubs. If you could fill that role, please fill out an application for adoption so that I can meet you.

Sincerely, Sissy, an affectionate, young Beagle mix weighing 30 pounds.
Updated September 22, 2022 6:37 pm
ID# D17185

Amber – Fee $150 (Female)

My name is Amber, and I was born on June 22, 2022. I am an adorable, happy sweet puppy if I do say so myself. They believe me to be a Beagle mix. Could you be the one to take me to my fur-ever home? Please fill out an application for me. I would love to meet you soon!
Updated September 22, 2022 6:28 pm
ID# D17170

Bandit – Fee $150 (Male)

Did you know I love to play? I would like to try out fetch, possibly a Frisbee if given a chance. I love rough housing with the pack here, but I forget how big I am when playing with small dogs. I weigh 40 pounds, so I prefer to stay within my weight class if you already have a brother or sister for me. If you would like to teach me some new games, fill out an application today. I'm game if you are. Later, Bandit.
Updated September 22, 2022 6:19 pm
ID# D17186

Lucky – Fee $125 (Male)

I am a 1-year-old, very sweet boy who would love an active family who likes to play. I am 18 to 19 inches tall, and I weigh 35 to 45 pounds. I am currently being fostered. If you are interested, please apply for me on the Pet Savers of Shreveport website. I cannot wait to meet you.
Updated September 1, 2022 8:28 am
ID# D17161

Bruce – Fee $150 (Male)

I am a small, 4-year-old pit mix that was dropped off at a kind person's house. I could not stay there with the other dog that didn't like me, so I am here at Pet Savers looking for a loving forever home! I get along with other dogs, and I'm about 45 pounds. I don't have manners just yet, but in the short time I was getting my photo taken, I learned that jumping wasn't getting me anywhere and responded well to the "sit" command! I am excited to learn all sorts of things in a permanent home! Won't you apply to meet me?
Updated June 6, 2022 6:11 pm
ID# D16896

Hotrod – Fee $150 (Male)

I am an adorable 3-month old lab mix puppy looking for a furever home! I was found dumped in the woods and can be shy when in a new place. But the people and dogs here are so great! I will soon learn that I don't have to be scared. I weigh about 15 pounds now, but I will most likely be a medium to large dog when full grown. I would do best in a home ready to train a puppy and work with me on house training. Ready to meet me? Apply today!
Updated May 29, 2022 8:54 pm
ID# D17131

Horseshoe- Fee $100 (Male)

I am a senior love-bug looking for a new home after my owner was unable to care for me any longer. They do not know my age, but I am most likely a senior and possibly boxer mix. I weigh about 50 pounds. I am relaxed, calm, and affectionate. They do not know much about me so I may not be house-trained. I am such a gentleman though! Is there a loving home out there? I know I will be a great fit for someone.
Updated May 29, 2022 8:11 pm
ID# D17128

Edith – Fee $150 (Female)

I am one of Momma Rose's puppies that sadly has returned to the shelter. My adopter found out they were allergic to dogs! As you can see I am developing quite a personality and would love a home to grow into my perfect self! I love to be with people and dogs, and play well. They guess that I am a lab, malinois, terrier mix of some kind. I have a lot of energy and will continue to grow into a beautiful dog. I'm the perfect match for an active home with kids! Apply today and let's play!

Est. D.O.B. 12/7/2021

Updated May 14, 2022 8:09 pm
ID# D16950

Princess Prator – Fee $150 (Female)

I am an adorable 40-pound pit looking for my perfect home! I am a happy girl that would do best in a home all my own. Pet Savers estimates me to be about 1 year old. I can be a little escape artist when left alone, but love to go on walks and snuggle up when people are with me. Since I was abandoned, they don't know much more about me, but I'm sure I'll find my furever home. Apply today and we can play!
Updated May 2, 2022 7:51 pm
ID# D17031

Oreo – Fee $150 (Male)

When I came to Pet Savers I had a large growth on my arm. The vet found out it was malignant and removed it immediately. I've been watched carefully since then and have made a full recovery. Now I would love to find a loving home all my own. I am a terrier mix and about 30 pounds. I can be a little territorial, but get along with some other dogs. I also listen fairly well and will learn new commands quickly. I'll be waiting to meet you!
Updated May 2, 2022 7:48 pm
ID# D12978

Oliver – Fee $150 (Male)

Yo, young pit mix here! I am about 1 year old, housetrained, and good with kids and other dogs. I may have a bit of separation anxiety at times, because I love being around my person. I also travel well and know how to walk on a leash. Let Pet Savers know if you would like to meet this amazing smile in person!

Est D.O.B. 11/10/2018
Updated May 2, 2022 7:46 pm
ID# D12971

Molly – $150 (Female)

I was adopted from Pet Savers last year but my owner had to return me due to unfortunate circumstances. Now I am back and looking for a new home. I got all dressed up for my photos in my best sweater! I'm a pretty hyper little girl, and love running around and playing. I am at least six or seven years old, but still very spry. I get along with dogs and kids, but have no experience with cats. I am up to date on all of my shots and housetrained as well! One my my bad habits is getting excited on walks and pulling ,but I'm sure I'll learn with you! Won't you apply for me soon?

Est. D.O.B. 12/31/2015
Updated May 2, 2022 7:45 pm
ID# D16541

Jed #2 – Fee $150 (Male)

I came to Pet Savers as a little puppy covered in mange. I was treated and waited patiently for my adoption day. I was adopted a few months ago, but it just wasn't a good match. Now I'm back and looking for my true forever home. I am an energetic young dog and I weigh about 45 pounds. I listen pretty well for growing up in a shelter and may even be potty trained. I will need a home where I'm the only pet due to some food and dog aggression. Is there a home out there looking for a dog like me? I would love to meet you!

Est D.O.B. 4/23/2020
Updated May 2, 2022 7:43 pm
ID# D12967

Carter – Fee $150 (Male)

I am an energetic 60-pound pit mix looking for a great home. They think I am about 7 years old, but I'm bursting with energy and would love a family looking for a walking/hiking/adventure buddy! Because I was a stray, I need some training, but look how handsome I am when I do catch on to the sit command! I get along with some dogs, and Pet Savers would like for me to meet any other members of the home before adoption to be sure it will work well. Older kids would be best if there are kids in the home. I'll be ready to go soon - apply now!

Est. D.O.B. 02/05/2015
Updated May 2, 2022 7:42 pm
ID# D16991

Carlos – Fee $125 (Male)

Can you believe my transformation? I am a healthy happy boy still waiting for my home to come along. Could that be with you??

My story: I was rescued just in the nick of time from an abandoned trailer with another dog name Cecil. We were very emaciated and neglected. Despite our awful situation, we are both the sweetest dogs you will ever meet! Cecil was adopted but I am still looking for a home. I like to explore my surroundings and find the best place to watch things happening around me. I didn't mind the trip to the vet, and tend to be a relaxed dog. I get along with others, including puppies. All I want is a home full of love. Could that home be with you?
Updated May 2, 2022 7:41 pm
ID# D16895

Cardi – Fee $150 (Female)

I am a sweet female beagle/pit mix that came to Pet Savers when my previous family moved out of state. I am about 70 pounds and around 2 years old. I have mothered many puppies in my past, and get along well with both kids and dogs. I am very affectionate and know some basic commands like sit! I travel well, walk on a leash, and am up to date on shots. If I sound like the perfect match for you, apply today!
Updated May 2, 2022 7:40 pm
ID# D16915

Buddy – Fee $125 (Male)

I am a handsome 6-month-old Catahoula mix looking for my new home. I am friendly, a good listener, and a happy medium-sized pup. I will probably be a large dog, around 60-70 pounds when full grown. I am most likely not house-trained, but I'm super smart and should learn quickly. I love exploring and playing. If you're looking for a great companion for your family, I'm your guy!
Updated May 2, 2022 7:39 pm
ID# D17044

Blossom – Fee $100 (Female)

Update: I was adopted back in September, but now I'm back at Pet Savers. While I was gone I put on a lot of weight and look even better than before! I ended up being a very active dog that needs a good bit of training. I also like jumping fences to explore, so I will need a home that can work with me.

I was originally found as a stray in August and was brought to Pet Savers. it looked like I had a pretty rough time while I was on the streets before, but I recovered wonderfully. I am very sweet and would love to meet you!

Updated May 2, 2022 7:37 pm
ID# D12966

River – Fee $150 (Female)

I am a 8-month old shepherd mix that came in with my sister Sunset who has been adopted. We were surrendered by our previous home for digging up gardens and flowers. I am young and adorable as you can see! I get along with kids and other dogs, but I'm not sure about cats as I have not met them. I am not leash trained, but I do travel well. I was also working on being house-trained using puppy pads, so I should quickly be able to master going outside in a new home. If you are interested in me, fill out an app today!

Est D.O.B. 09/13/21
Updated May 2, 2022 7:36 pm
ID# D16899

Weezie – Fee $125 (Female)

I was an adorable little puppy that was found on the streets and rescued. I am now grown into a 9-month-old youngster still dreaming of a home all my own. Since I grew up in a shelter, I could use some lessons in manners, I jump, I nibble, and I don't know about cats or small children. But Pet Savers' staff see my potential, and know I can be a great dog for someone out there! After I've played, I listen well. I know how to sit, and I get along well with other dogs my size. I love being with people and going on adventures. Could I find my loving home soon?

Est. D.O.B. 7/2/2021
Updated April 19, 2022 8:33 pm
ID# D16814

Agnes – Fee $150 (Female)

I am an adorable puppy available now! I love being involved and playing with other dogs. I am about 3 months old now and learning new tricks every day. My mom is a medium-sized terrier mix, but my dad was most likely larger, a retriever or shepherd of some kind. I am a driven puppy, that loves to learn! I want to do what is requested of me and can be very focused once I've played a bit. I would do great in an active home ready to train a new dog. If you love my look, apply today! Maybe I can grow up in a home all my own.

Est. D.O.B. 12/7/2021
Updated March 29, 2022 6:17 pm
ID# D16947

Hawk – Fee $150 (Male)

I am one handsome rottweiler/husky mix! I'm about 2 years old and 80 pounds. I get along with kids and dogs, but not with cats.I can get a little over-interested in them. I love playing and running around the yard, and would be great for a family looking for a fun-loving dog. I travel well, and do well on a leash too! Want to hang out? Apply today!

Est. D.O.B. 2/23/2020
Updated March 7, 2022 9:58 am
ID# D16998

Keelo – Fee $150 (Male)

Check out my handsome spots! I am a large lab mix that came in with Molly when my previous family fell on incredibly hard circumstances. I am still a little reserved as I get used to being in the shelter. I got along well with Molly, but but if there is a dog in your home, I would like to meet them before I'm adopted to make sure we get along. I am housetrained, walk on a least well, and get along with kids that know how to give me space while I adjust to a new home. I can be a little bit of an escape artist, so a secure yard is a must. I am such a sweet dog, won't you come see if I am the right fit for you?
Updated January 29, 2022 10:43 am
ID# D16966

Mustang – Fee $125 (Male)

I am a handsome 7-year-old lab mix that couldn't go with my previous owners when they were deployed. I am fully up to date and was well taken care of. I do have a little bad habit of looking to escape from yards and kennels if I'm left alone. I can easily climb 4-foot fences. I'd like to be in a home that can help me stay active and happy! I do not get along with other dogs, so I would be best in a home all my own.

Est. D.O.B. 10/26/2014
Updated November 5, 2021 9:45 am
ID# D16851

Magoo – Fee $150 (Male)

Update: We were so happy to announce Magoo's adoption, but it was just not meant to be. Magoo is still ready for adoption! Could his next one be furever?

I am a very majestic large mix breed that was found in Shreveport in December of 2020. They think I am about 6 years old and I weigh about 90 pounds. I am a smart dog that knows a few commands already. I can be a little shy, but I have gotten along with everyone that visits me, and do well on car rides. I would love a home experienced with large breed dogs, and no cats would be best. You won't believe how handsome I am until you see me in person!

Updated October 30, 2021 7:36 am
ID# D12943

Bailey – $100 (Female)

Check me out! I am an adorable 60-pound beagle mix looking for a forever home. I get along well with kids and other dogs. I'm housetrained, and up to date and ready to go! I love exploring the yard and sniffing around. I would do well in a home that goes for walks or just wants a pretty dog to protect their home from mail trucks. I love to bark at those! Fill out an application today and I'll be happy meet you!

Est. D.O.B. 12/7/2015
Updated October 1, 2021 9:55 am
ID# D16805

Barkley – Fee $150 (Male)

I am a handsome 8-month-old Shepherd mix puppy looking for a furever home! My name is accurate, as I do bark a lot, and will need a home ready for my voice to be heard! I am already about 30 pounds and will be a large dog when full grown. I am a great listener, and ready to learn all sorts of new tricks! I am up-to-date on shots and pad trained. I love to snuggle and am very gentle with other dogs. I have not met a cat before, but Pet Savers sees how gentle I am with the small dogs here and know that I have the potential to be great with any member of a family. I really am a stunner, and I can't wait to meet you!
Updated August 13, 2021 10:41 am
ID# D16761

Stella – Fee $150 (Female)

I am adorable 20-pound Chihuahua mix that came to Pet Savers with a few other dogs. I was adopted recently, but returned. Turns out I am not housetrained, and will need help with learning to go outside. It does make sense, since I was a stray before being brought to Pet Savers. I am super sweet, enjoy both getting affection and relaxing by myself at times. I get along well with other dogs and kids, but have never met a cat before.

Est. D.O.B. 6/21/2019

Updated August 3, 2021 9:13 am
ID# D16689

Spot – Fee $125 (Male)

I was found in the Mansfield Road Wal-mart parking lot in June of 2020. I have grown a lot since then - up to about 50 pounds - so I got a new photo! I love showing off my fun ears and adorable smile. I used to be scared and shy, but now I enjoy playing fetch and getting attention. I would love a home all my own that wants to train me to do tricks! Pet Savers does not know if I am house-trained, since I was found abandoned and now live in the outdoor area of the shelter. I am sure it would not take me long to learn all sorts of new things! Apply for me today if you want to add my cuteness to your home.

Est. D.O.B. 11/17/19
Updated July 27, 2021 8:23 am
ID# D12965

Jupiter – Fee $150 (Female)

I am a sweet and shy 1.5-year-old shepherd mix. I weigh about 45 pounds. I am housetrained. My owner passed away and I am looking for a new home. Could that be with you? I am skittish, and it does take time for me to warm up to people, but that could be because I am still not sure what is going on. I do not get along with cats, and due to my nature, it may be better for me to be the only pet in the home. If you want to give me a home where I can be unafraid, apply for me today.

Est. D.O.B. 12/23/19
Updated July 19, 2021 9:12 am
ID# D16723

Thibodeaux- Fee $150 (Male)

I'm a gorgeous Black & Tan Coonhound whose owner couldn't keep me any longer. I'm really sweet and friendly and gets along with pretty much everyone. Sometimes I forget how strong I am so you have to really hang on to the leash when you take me for a walk. I have just been returned because I wasn't getting along with the other dogs in the home.

Est. D.O.B. 06/04/2015
Updated February 28, 2021 9:06 am
ID# D12941

Digger – Fee $150 (Male)

I got an updated photo and I'm ready to go home with somebody! My owner was in a dangerous situation and left me at Pet Savers, but he was not able to take me back. I am mostly Lab, about 2 - 3 years old, neutered, and get along with kids and other dogs. I love having visitors and getting pets. How 'bout it?
Updated February 3, 2021 5:35 am
ID# D12969

Kurt – Fee $90 (Male)

I'm at Pet Savers because my owners were't able to keep me any longer. I will need to go to a home with a good sized yard so I can run off some of my energy. I'm very playful and will need someone who likes to play. Even better if I have another dog pal to play with. I'm neutered and up to date on my shots. Come meet me so you can get to know me better.

Est. D.O.B. 01/01/2015
Updated November 30, 2020 12:17 pm
ID# D12952

Bluebell – Fee $90 (Female)

I am a little Feist, which is not a common breed around here! My owner had to give me up because he was having some financial problems, and I've been with Pet Savers for a few years now. I'm still pretty skittish and avoid people unless they are handing out treats. I need to find someone who has the time to work with me and knows how to socialize a dog. If you think you're up to the challenge I'd love to meet you!

Est. D.O.B. 03/01/2017
Updated October 23, 2020 6:28 am
ID# D12955

Flynn – Fee $100 (Male)

I was adopted as a puppy but as I grew my adopter decided I was too much dog for them. I am high energy so I need to find someone who can train me. A home without any other pets or small children would work best for me. I work well with treats and love to listen. If I could just find someone who has the patience to work with me I would make a great companion!

Est. D.O.B. 04/30/2018
Updated October 20, 2020 12:26 pm
ID# D12960

Tramp – Fee $90 (Male)

I am an older Chihuahua/Terrier mix who is medium sized, about 30 pounds. I can be a little shy and skittish at first but once I come around, I might let you take me on a walk. I do well with other dogs as long as they're the same size or bigger than me but I like to pick on dogs smaller than me. I may have lost an eye, but that hasn't slowed me down a bit! Why not fill out an application to visit me today?

Est. D.O.B. 12/01/2008
Updated October 20, 2020 11:32 am
ID# D12944

Lou – Fee $90 (Male)

I'm Lou, a fun medium-sized mixed breed. My friend, Mary, and I were abandoned in the Pet Savers parking lot where the staff found us the next morning. We don't know why our former owners decided to throw us away like that, but we sure are grateful Pet Savers found room for us. I am high energy so I need to find someone who can keep up with me. Most importantly I'm looking for a home where I will be loved as a family member forever.

Est. D.O.B. 07/20/2015
Updated October 6, 2020 5:50 am
ID# D12954

Phineas – Fee $90 (Male)

Hello everyone! I came here with my friends Aries and Shylock. Our owner wasn't able to spend a lot of time with us. So he thought it would be best for us to find a new home. I love playing in Pet Savers' yard, but hey... I'd love a yard to call my own! Come on look at my picture you know you can't resist that face. If you want to look at that face everyday stop by Pet Savers and fill out an adoption application.

Est. D.O.B. 01/05/2015
Updated October 6, 2020 5:50 am
ID# D12950

Shylock – Fee $90 (Female)

I was rescued by a nice man with a big heart. He had other dogs already, so he couldn't keep me. I came in with my friends, Phineas and Aries. We've been together all of our lives, so we're just getting used to our new life at Pet Savers. I got a new photo that shows what a happy dog I am. My first photo was taken when I arrived and I was scared. Now that I've gotten to know everyone I'm really happy. The only thing that would make me happier is a forever home.

Est. D.O.B. 07/01/2014
Updated October 6, 2020 5:50 am
ID# D12949

Harley – Fee $90 (Male)

My name is Harley, a black Lab mix. I was a stray and the person who found me took me home but their dog did not like me. They decided it would be best to bring me to Pet Savers. I am up to date on all my shots, neutered and I get along with other dogs. I'm very shy at first so I'll need some time to warm up to you. If you think you've got what it takes to care for a beautiful Lab like me, then come down to Pet Savers and meet me!

Est. D.O.B. 08/21/2015
Updated October 6, 2020 5:49 am
ID# D12948

Gretel – Fee $90 (Female)

I'm Gretel, and I came here with my brother Hansel. We were tiny puppies and had a great summer together, then both went home to separate families. Sadly, Hansel was brought to the pound, but luckily the Pet Savers staff was able to bring him back here. But now I'm back because I wouldn't stay in my family's yard. I like to jump fences so I need a forever home with a high fence. Let Pet Savers know if you would like to meet me!

Est. D.O.B. 09/01/2015
Updated October 4, 2020 9:17 am
ID# D12953

Hansel – Fee $90 (Male)

I was adopted from Pet Savers, but then my owner decided she didn't want me anymore and took me to a local kill shelter. Thankfully I was rescued and returned to Pet Savers! I have grown a lot, but I'm still the same sweet Hansel. Now I'm looking for a new home again where I will be loved forever. Could you be my new best friend?

Est. D.O.B. 09/01/2015
Updated October 4, 2020 9:17 am
ID# D12951

Tyson – Fee $90 (Male)

I got adopted as a puppy but was returned to Pet Savers when I was fully grown because I was too much dog for my adopters. I am a large very friendly dog. I get a little excited when I meet new people and like to jump up so I just need a little obedience training. You can tell from the photo that I'm a happy dog. I can't wait to meet you.

Est. D.O.B. 04/30/2018
Updated July 22, 2020 7:14 pm
ID# D12958

Miller – Fee $125 (Male)

I came here with Behr because our owners weren't able to keep us any longer. I am pretty big Lab mix. Quick facts - I get along with kids and some dogs, house-trained, travel well and walk on a leash. Fun fact - sometimes while riding in the car I will bark whenever we hit a bump in the road. I'm ready for a forever home I just need you to submit an application for me. Can't wait to meet you!

Est. D.O.B. 06/21/2013
Updated July 7, 2020 3:17 pm
ID# D12964

Jed and Jimbo – Fee $150 for Both (Male)

We're a couple of Lab/Hound mixes. We're just the right age if you are looking for a dog that you can train. Not to brag but we have a really unique colored coat. We'll be here hanging out waiting to meet you. We've spent our entire life together so we need to be adopted as a pair.

Est. D.O.B. 11/21/2017
Updated November 14, 2018 7:13 pm
ID# D12957